This is my final short I helped to create in College. Created in a team of 4 people.

For this piece I story boarding, rotoscoping, editing, and Camera shooting, and final output.

Adobe Premiere, & Photoshop

Advanced Animation Multi-camera Lip sync

This was my first attempt at 3D character creation, with a full rig and animation. Autodesk Maya

Rube-Goldberg Animation

This is one of my most technical animation projects. I had to physically create a reference model to use in the animation portion. Autodesk Maya

Eagle FlipBook

A 52 frame flipbook . Hand drawn.

Entertainment Intro

Created in Autodesk Maya.

2D Animation Practice

Character animation hand-drawn. Both were experiments to animate expression.

Atoms: Dynamics

This was a short video created using different dynamics functions within Autodesk Maya. Was a way of learning the different ways the dynamics worked within a scene.

24 hour Animation Contest 2012

An animation I helped created in a team of 5. We storyboarded, modeled, rigged, animated, edited and rendered the entire project in 24 hours.

Shoutouts to my teammates who pulled off some of the best scenes in the short.

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