Daily Sketchbook

This will be a new thing, where each day I'll upload my daily sketches. More as a way of motivating myself to draw at least once every day. In that time I will try different media, from charcoal, pencil, digital, and many other mediums. I hope in doing so I will begin to see an... Continue Reading →

This is a model I created in Autodesk Maya that I imported into Zbrush to practice on. Going through each steps from a ZBrush essentials tutorial series.

My first male character model. I think I'm improving. I hope to get these models prepped for animation practice as soon as I can.

This is the beginning of a new short. Nothing but simplicity this time. Early stages of modeling, not final.

2D Animation

This was my first attempt at 2D animation, and after doing this one I can say that I want to do another. Flipbooks are a great exercise when it come to practicing timing. This particular Flipbook will be copied into the computer for color later.

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